StreetLife #125

PIC_0092.750  (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0146.750  (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0179.750  (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0175.750  (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0051.750  (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0022.550 (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0017.550  (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0016.800 (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0048.550  (C) Ronald Puma

PIC_0002.750  (C) Ronald Puma

(C) Ronald Puma

All the world’s a stage (William Shakespeare).

I start in the morning and walk through a city.

Next week StreetLife #126.

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